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Sun, Sea, Sand and… Snow

At this time of year we have our fair share of stormy days and icy weather. But the past week has been quite challenging – North Berwick was virtually cut off from the rest of East Lothian (and the world!) as the snowstorm from Siberia hit the east coast of Scotland. Many roads were blocked, food supplies were restricted and residents were trapped in their houses as the relentless wind and drifting snow caused significant problems. Tractors and snow ploughs were out in force, but many roads remained totally impassable for two or three days.

Image of snowy coast road

Public transport ground to a halt – trains and buses were cancelled at short notice, leaving many travellers stranded. The coast road from North Berwick to Dunbar (A198) was shut off completely for a few days and people were advised to stay in their homes and only to make journeys if absolutely necessary. The conditions were quite challenging for drivers of 4x4s, but they were just too much for many car drivers who had to abandon their vehicles.

Image of abandoned car

Many basic necessities such as bread, milk and eggs disappeared completely from the shelves of all of the supermarkets in North Berwick, Gullane, Longniddry, East Linton, Haddington and Dunbar. Queues formed outside many stores and customers we’re restricted to two cartons of milk in North Berwick Co-op as people continued to panic buy essentials.

Image of snowy road

Luckily, the snowy weather was followed by rain and sleet (rather than icing over) and the temperatures have increased slightly – so most of the roads are now getting back to normal. But watch out… the traffic wardens are back!

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